FAQ for men

FAQ for men

Is that real to find soul mate in Russia or other former Soviet Union country?

It is really possible. All you need is register and start searching according to you criteria. When you select, start express your interest by liking and sending messages. Build your communication with girls, and by socializing you will find the ONE.  

Is this service free of charge?

Yes, at least now. There is no guarantee there will not be fee in the future but not now. Enjoy the service! We are constantly growing and expanding our database.

Will this web site really find my soul mate for me?

No magic will happen. Only you will search and look to find who is the best for you. I will do my best to make sure people on this website are real and available for relationship, but search is all yours. Go for it and best of luck!


Is there a support when I need it?

Absolutely! Give me a shout when you feel like you are losing track. Plus, FaQ page should help you find needed answers.

Will I look somewhere else?

I suggest you do not count entirely on my website to find your soulmate. Go ahead and register on other dating/ soul mate hunt websites. It may happen that while you are looking online your soulmate appears offline. Consider yourself lucky!

It is time consuming…

Cannot be otherwise. Your happiness is at stake and I suggest you put some effort to make yourself happy. As we say in Russia, it is not shoe shopping. Relationship building takes time.

PS. you spend so much time social networking why do not put it into good use and find love?

Do I go to visit my lady in Russia?

When you are at the stage when you both are emotionally ready for the real meeting, I think it is necessary to move to the next level. Do not build your expectations high – she will probably be shy and clumsy, so do you. Relax and enjoy, try to learn more about each other. If relationship did not work, become a sightseeing tourist and get more out of this journey.

I am afraid of scammers.

Nobody can protect you against scammers better them yourself. Just ignore them!

Simply do not buy that crap like “my grandmother is sick” or “I need internet installed in my house so I could communicate with you”. Please be aware, Russia is low standards of living country and those needs may arise for your pen pal but it is entirely up to you to end funds or not. Be sure you know your lady quiet well before sending her money, or just consider it a gift to her. I had an example when man just sent small WU wire to his lady friend just to make her a birthday present. It was a total surprise and of course it raised his bar higher.

If you buy her an airline ticket, make sure it is refundable, and you can have your money back if something occurs.

Other people just delegate tickets purchase to their ladies, and then reimburse.

But, more importantly, please note that website holds no liability for any financial loss occurred due to usage of website. And this potential loss is totally under your control. Do not allow to milk yourself.

And it is controversial. Ladies get scammed by men as well.

Can I refer a friend?

Absolutely! All soulmate seekers are welcome.

If usage is free, what is there for owner?

I am happily married and want to pass the message. One of the reasons, I hate to see my lone Russian friends to seek desperately a good man nationally. I want to help both male and female parties to find each other.

Other reason, this is my graduation project. I study internet marketing and want to conclude my perceived knowledge in this online project to prove I am a professional.

Third reason, one day I hope it become popular enough and I can raise some funds, to recover the cost of creation and for charitable needs. And to treat myself to some good shoe shopping!

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