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Manchester City

 England : Manchester Manchester is approximately 3 hours drive from Chatham , where we live. Known for its heavy machinery and super — popular football club Manchester United. I like it there red head player Wayne Rooney !

If you are visiting London and want to go into the city, where trains your favorite team, then I will tell you how you can get there. If you are traveling by car, you can see the route on Google maps (from London to Manchester). To get to Manchester from London need three and a half hours of time (if no traffic jams ), and highways M1 and M6 .

Pre-book your hotel (if you plan to stay in the city center). We stayed at the Premier Inn, a hotel with reasonable prices , comfortable and clean.  there is a network of hotels in UK. They have an interesting proposal, which we have never unfortunately happened to use. If you book online Premier Inn and more than 2 nights , you can pay anywhere from 29 pounds per night. The offers very attractive. Maybe you will be lucky ? Incidentally there is virtually Premier Inn near the club and the stadium where Manchester United has training.

We had to fork out for a Premier Inn in the city center, about 100 pounds per night. But the location is good , you can walk everywhere without fear of driving on unfamiliar streets .
Our goal in Manchester — see our favorite Westlife on their farewell tour. The concert was held at the Manchester Arena near Victoria Station. Walk from our hotel to Victoria in 25 minutes, you can, but we got the tram, buying a ticket there — back right at the stop for 1.5 pounds. The trip took 5 minutes. It was very convenient to go back on the tram because it was too late, long walk through the dark and scary and unfamiliar city, and taxis still be much more expensive.

In Manchester Hard Rock fans can find Café right next to a large shopping center Armdale  Center . We bought  three Hard Rock café T-shirts for £ 30 each. Near Armdale Senter can find the famous Debenham, Zara, Selfridges. And People store Primark, where you can buy clothes for children and adults .

Let men tear their throats at the stadium while the women are  shopping !


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