Things to do in London for free

Who wants to spend less on sightseeing in London I suggest this list of things to do in London for free  like free museums and galleries in the British capital.

British museum Free London

Founded in 1953. In the British Museum exhibits accumulated over more than two million human history. Here you will find an Egyptian mummy , and a statue of the Pantheon. The museum is visited by about 6-million people annually.

Address : British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG


 Free London Goldsmiths Hall

Goldsmiths Company received a royal privilege to work with gold back in 1327 . At Goldsmiths Hall regularly hosts exhibitions with the aim of promoting and advertising the new jewelers. Annual fair fair jewelry.

Address: Foster Lane, C2V 6BN

 Free London Hyde Park

Hyde Park — London landmark that everyone knows. On the area of 142 hectares grow 4000 trees, there is a huge lake, meadows and flower garden.

In Hyde Park is what to do: biking, catamaran, tennis, horse riding, ice skating. Hyde park has the lake two restaurants. Among the main objects of interest in Hyde Park can be noted Achilles statue, fountain of Princess Diana. On Sundays you can join the circle of speakers Speaker Corner and listen to «smart» speech.

Address : Hyde Park, W2 2UH

 Free London Kensington Palace

Park is located on an area of 100 hectares. It is a place where is Kensington Palace, Italian gardens , a statue of Peter Pan , Albert Memorial and Gallery Serpentine.

The park has a playground named after Princess Diana .

Address: London, W2 2UH

 Free London Bank of England

Museum of the Bank of England was founded in honor of the national Bank of England in 1694 .

The museum gold bars and coins as well as banknotes of several eras .

Address : Bartholomew Lane, City of London

 Free London National Gallery ( National Gallery )

National Gallery exhibits about 2,000 paintings and artifacts from the Middle Ages to the 20th century compositions . In the gallery you will see the work of Botticelli , Rembrandt , Turner , Renoir and Van Gogh .

Address : Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN

 Free London National History Museum ( National History Museum )

Several dozen exhibits from dinosaurs to mammals. In museum has several floors of interesting exhibits , especially children will be interesting with its wonderful exposure and moving dinosaurs tyrannosaurus and who adores my daughter.

Address : Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD

 Free London Science Museum ( Museum of Science )

Science Museum — the most visited museum in Europe .

Over 15,000 exhibits , including the Apollo capsule and rocket Stevenson .

Interactive galleries and interesting for children and adults , and are familiar with the achievements of science and technology .

Address: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD


That is not full list of things to do in London for free, so you can add yours by adding to the comments and I will update the article with proper credit t the contributor.

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