London attractions: free for one

 London Sightseeing free one !Here ‘s relatives came to me from Russia, just three people, and I like welcoming hostess decided lucky them to London.

Being in the UK and not to visit London , it just does not fit in the head , which then can go ? But not cheap London attractions , such as rolled on the famous Ferris wheel London Eye — 20 pounds, as much worth the trek to London Aquarium , Madame Tussauds all 30 pounds. If I drive and 3 guests to join them most , it will sum: 20 + 20 * 4 * 4 * 4 = 30 280 pounds for the 3 attractions ! So, how can you save on sightseeing in London ( in addition to viewing them for free on the outside)?

There is a website that I use when guests come to me : daysoutguide.co.uk

Terrific project on which you can find a way to see the sights of London for free every second visitor ! The site is laid out a list of vouchers , which you can get by on one of the excursions for two people paying the price of one ticket ! Beneficial? With that, the list is impressive : Tower , Aquarium, Madame Tussauds , tours of Jack the Ripper , London Dungeon — only 149 (last time I looked at the writing of this article, November 24, 2012).

The only catch is that you need w / a ticket to the UK to take advantage of this attractive offer . Little trick at the end of the article , how to solve the issue with the tickets ! Dostoprimechatelnosti London free odnogo!

And here we go to the website , click on View offers and choose your favorite attractions. Put all in a basket. Number of vouchers you have collected will be displayed in the basket at the top of the page. When you are finished selecting vouchers , then click on your cart.

 London Sightseeing free one !

We must complete the following form : Name , address. Since you are from Russia , then click the link at the bottom of the window Postcode change, and select from the drop down list of Russia . Then select the station from which you are traveling , date of travel, number of children and adults. Dostoprimechatelnosti London free odnogo!

leave your email , enter a password and confirm it. Presses Continue. Dostoprimechatelnosti London free odnogo!

Now save and print the vouchers.

 London Sightseeing free one !

One voucher fit for two visitors. When you visit the Sites, you must show your train tickets, voucher and pay the price of only one ticket when you go as a couple! And the price of 2 tickets, if the four of us go!

Terms sentence written on the voucher. Be careful, because the offer for your chosen attractions can be valid on the day of your visit. This information is displayed on the voucher and on the description of the sights of London.

Now how do with tickets if you do not travel by train on the day you want to use the voucher . Just go to the railway station ( any ) and buy the cheapest round-trip ticket (it costs as much as one-way and need to check the cashier sights of London ) . You can buy a ticket in the opposite direction the next day , it almost does not change its price, and these w / d you can get tickets for 2 days to explore London! You see the pattern? Visit as many attractions as you can! For example , you can buy a ticket from Batter Sea Park to London Victoria, which costs £ 2,80p  per person. Altogether it is a double you will spend 5.6 pounds. Ticket to the Tower for one worth 17, 5 pounds, 35 pounds for two . With the voucher you will spend the same 17 5 5 pounds , 6 pounds = 23.1 pounds. Save 11.9 pounds. That is, if you visit one attraction. Visit of the rest of London’s attractions for two will cost you exactly twice cheaper! That is another attraction of London for free on every other tourist !!

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