London and Tube Map

 Map of London and the London TubeWhen I need to find out where I need the embassy of the country of interest, shop or house of my friends in London, I immediately look down on Google maps. Can not imagine how you could live without them before. For example, I need to know where the Russian Embassy in London (you had to order a certificate). I googled kurta and found that I need to go to Kensington.

Going along Kensington Garden Squire I realized that I was in the alley of the embassies of different countries. The Israeli embassy was surrounded by police tape («Do not cross») and guarded by serious people with guns blazing. I asked cautiously, where the Russian embassy and told me that I must go up the alley. I walked slowly with his daughter, looking at the terrain. Embassy of Slovenia, Herzegovina, Norway, etc etc etc. Just before reaching the junction with Notting Hill (yes, the famous place where they filmed Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts), I found a native embassy. Map attached as proof that even Google maps may be wrong, but still very helpful.

 Map of London and the London Underground So google map of London and see where things are.

I here my favorite London tube map LOndon Tube map

British called yhis subway tube. All my travels focused on the circle line and rarely goes outside it. Here is all I need: train stations, embassies, museums and attractions. London tube map is very easy to navigate. You can fast recognise the line you will take in order to achieve your destination. Lines go Northbound, Southbound, Westbound and Eastbound. For example, the same circle line goes in a circle, from east to west. Accordingly, in order to get from Kings to Paddington, it is necessary to go west. Do not worry, the platforms are indicated which direction it serves and even lists the stations through which the trains go. You can also navigate through the lines that go from north to south, such as Victoria or Northern. Pointer at the entrance to the platform will indicate, for example on the Westbound Circle line: Euston Square, Great Portland Street, Baker Street (residence of Sherlock Holmes), Edgware Road, finally Paddington. Conversely Eastbound direction lists: Farrington, Barbican, Moorgate, Liverpool street, etc. And yet, pay attention to where the train goes. It happens that you are standing on the Circle line and wait for a train to Bayswater, but some trains go only to Edgware Rd, just before Bayswater station.


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