English Pub and Food

 English pub Interesting, but an English pub called (literal translation) the public house. It is a place where people can come to have a drink, eat and sleep. Pubs have been known as places that helped local or travelers rest, eat and of course drink. Nowadays English pubs have not lost their popularity and still full, especially on Fridays , and are one of the typical British attractions.

We live so close to English pub called Sherwood Oak (Sherwood Oak — obviously a fan of Robin Hood). In the pub, there are always people , and for lunch and dinner , and that surprises me the most that people come in elegant clothes and muddy robe after work. Smoke like a chimney and drink a lot of beer. Pubs serve approved menu, hearty English dishes that will satisfy any stomach. Tip: never take the steak — in pubs it is just awful. But the burger , fish and chips — is quite acceptable and tasty.

 English pub

We often take an offer of a pint of beer and a burger for almost 6 pounds (a good deal).

What are served in pubs.

Alcohol — draft beer of various brands , whiskey, gin, wine, a limited range of cocktails, house wine, soft drinks .

Eatables — fish and chips, burgers, steak pie, scampi . All this is a typical English food. Then an Indian curry with rice, grilled chicken breast with cheese, and a couple of names of hot dishes. As for Indian food — it can be called the second English cuisine as the number of immigrants from India is probably not much less than the indigenous British. At snack can always choose snacks and Indian cuisine: spicy different pies, rolls, balls, fried in oil . With simpler desserts — ice cream, profiteroles , apple pie (Bromley Apple Pie).

Your stay in England should certainly be noted by a visit to an English pub. Plunge into typical atmosphere of «public house» and be inspired by this part of English culture.

Names of English pubs.

Our neighbor’s Sherwood Oak pub name is Poacher’s pocket

Trivial The Crown does not count, but it’s interesting name — Prince of Wales …. The owners of pubs are is race for smarter and notable, attractive names for their creations that energetically promoting themselves.

Wow.. Many of them live in the pubs themselves with their families. Our neighbor Sherwood Oak accommodates its owners on the second floor of the premises , and the son of the owner — 6 year old boy playing with children visitors right in the backyard of a pub on their own playground.

Facts . Children should leave the pub at 9 o’clock in the evening, it’s the law. Kitchen takes orders until 8:00 pm , so make your order fast otherwise you will snack on crisps. 


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