Уроки английского

Why Russian women?



natasha After divorce or just a break up, what kind of thought you have in your mind? Go get drunk, buy a new car, change a job and residence? All good options and you might want to do that… But it does not solve the problem of being alone.

Staying the lonely wolf does not become anybody as a human is an object of community. Being in relationship is second most important need of a human, right after food, sleep or need to pee, I beg your pardon for my French.

Many busy people nowadays find internet easy and non-judgmental tool to help with partner search. In the comfort on your own home you can register, browse, write emails and thus communicate with potential dates. Whether you do in in your PJ and fashionable suit, does not matter. Internet does not judge.


So, there is nothing to lose except little time which you would otherwise spent in the bars trying to hook up a lady who would possible brush you off. Or select someone who is really interested in partner search and has the same objectives as you do.

The nationalities matter as well. You may go and look locally for the girl next door, or focus on eastern culture and its beautiful female creatures, praised by poets and lucky spouses.

You ask me why Russian woman? Glad you did! I am Russian and happily married to American. We have excellent marriage which proves international marriages work. I believe my husband is happy (as he tells me so every day), and I am really lucky girl because we have found soul mates in each other. Cheesy? Sounds like it, but true..

Well, I put down some characteristics of Russian women for you:


  1. Resourcefulness. Did you ever find that there is nothing in the refrigerator or pantry but somehow the dinner should be prepared? Well, with Russian women it is a reality because they have been trained for years to try new ways of feeding family when there are limited resources. I can refer the ability to look gorgeous even if money is tough.
  2. Always looking good. Regardless of where she goes shopping or parting – should look stunning! It is amazing how easy one can distinguish Russian woman in US mall by simply way of being smartly dressed with tasteful make up. In Russia female silent competition is a big deal, bad looking lady can’t win.
  3. Ability to multitask. Non-spoiled with modern equipment, she is able to attend the kids, cook dinner and clean up at the same time. Again, trained by reality….
  4. Housewife and business lady. All in one person and it is possible. After day at work she comes home to cook, clean and do homework with kids. Do not push it though…
  5. Sense of humor. Still available on demand.. Just kidding. Course, we all love good joke, good movie, meaningful and funny conversation. My husband makes me laugh and I return the favor. He passes funny stories of me and himself when appropriate and everybody has a good laugh.
  6. Trustworthy. Family is sacred for a Russian women, and entity and security of it is of the utmost importance to her. You can trust her and she will trust you back.
  7. Golden heart. Really, her heart melts when she sees somebody suffering, whether it is animal or human.

What do you say? Is that something unattractive about Russian women?

Hard to say…. Talkative? Easy-minded in some way? However, tough environment did not break her but made her stronger. She will be supporting wife and partner working with you on family wellbeing.


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