Where and what is Stonehenge?

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge — a monument of ancient Druidic culture, dating back several centuries. Stones since shifted a bit, and some even fell onto the ground, but still a pile of rubble, this attracts millions of tourists from around the world for many decades.

The monument is under the supervision of English Heritage, the British organization for the protection of cultural monuments. If you become a member of this community, it is possible viewing culture values of England for free during the term of membership. For example, we purchased a membership and for the whole family, and it cost us something around 80 pounds. The membership plans may be different: for example, weekly, monthly, etc. Weekly membership costs about 20 pounds per person, and it is very convenient to acquire it if you are on the tourist trip to England and plan to visit several monuments from English Heritage. < / p>

Where is Stonehenge?

To get there from London by car, you will need 1 hour and forty minutes. You arrive at the parking Stonehenge, then pay for the parking as usual(3 pounds) then then you are reimbursed once you pay for the Stonehenge ticket. If you already have English Heritage card, you can immediately pass to the gate, jump the queue, which normally builds up on weekends. You can immediately purchase a membership in English Heritage, ordering it at the box office. And if you have visited pone of the English Heritage sites pon this trip and have a receipt for the ticket, the cost of the ticket is deducted from the cost of requested membership. Very handy if you do not dare to buy a membership for the first time and changed your mind.

 what and where Stonehenge

After casier pass through the gift shop, and you find yourself in a tunnel that will take you to the other side of the highway, and there it is in front of you — Stonehenge

On weekends there are a lot of people whick makes it harder to photograph withou interrucption. To circulate Stonehenge you need about 30 minutes and you will not get close as Stonehenge is fenced. The distance from you to the monument itself will be at least 30-50 meters. Thus, English Heritage is trying to save the state close to the ancient and prevent any carvings on the stones.

You can take the audio guide (included in the ticket price) and listen to explanation about what Stonehenge is.


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