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Visa to United Kingdom

explains how you can save a lot on getting visa to the UKbypassing intermediaries and travel agencies.

want to add that the process of filling out the questionnaire now become much easier than before.

in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Rostov functioning visa centers that accept applications and documents on tourist visa to the UK.
You need to prepare a set of documents:

  • Passport
  • 1 color photo
  • Certificate from the employer about the position, salary, regular holiday on the dates that you opt for a trip to the UK, a certificate from the school if you are studying, or certificate entrepreneur if you work for yourself. You can attach the proof of funds from a bank account, which should be based on at least 50 pounds per person per day. If there are other sources of income, it is best to specify them all: a contract for rent of the apartment, etc.
        • For married — a marriage certificate unless otherwise — that a certificate of divorce or death.
        • Invitation Letter (can be a scanned copy) in English, where indicated by the host (a friend or family member) the proof of legal residence in the UK, the degree of relationship, the conditions under which people are invited. For example, you can specify that the invitation will be provided with accommodation and meals for the whole stay. Please attach proof of financial solvency of the sponsor (bank statement, a letter from work).
        • You can make a reservation ticket or a hotel, but the consulate advised not to pay until a visa will not appear in your hands.
        • If you are a foreigner apply for a visa to Russia, you must have permission to stay in Russia.
        • Old passports confirming your visa history.
          All documents must be in English, the translation is not necessary to be notorized.Now go to the official website of the UK Government on the link: https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/. visa to the UK

            Once you have registered, go to fill in the application for a visa to the UK.

           visa to the UK

            On this page are invited to complete a questionnaire for a visa. To complete the questionnaire with you need to have a passport, trip schedule , address in the United Kingdom , where you will live . It says here that provide false information is illegal, and punishable by baiing entry to the UK for 10 years. You can also pay with freedom or pay a fine if you give false documents.

          Enter your residence country in which you live. Then choose a nationality, type of visa (work, visit, study, transit), if you choose to visit, then the graph Purpose filling out the questionnaire choose the type of visitor’s visa (family visitor, general visitor, business, entertainer, special, sport, other), then choose the duration of the visa (single, double or multiple, valid for 6 months), there are more options for 1, 2, 5, 10 year.

          If you have your first visa, then you should choose the shortest in duration visa, here you are more likely to get it.
          Although now you can apply for a visa to the beginner in the UK for 10 years, though it costs about £ 800  visa UK

          choose option (family visitor) — this visit visa to visit family members:
          spouse, father, mother, daughter, son, sister or brother.
          grandfather , grandmother, grandchildren
          father- in-law or mother-in with,
          -law or daughter-in
          stepfather, stepmother, stepdaughter, stepson. If you visit one of these groups of people, then you can apply for a family visitor, otherwise choose General visitor.

          Enter your passport data here as indicated in the picture.

          Next fill the name, sex, date of birth, civil status, place of birth, nationality. Then write purpose of visit, length of stay and dates of entry and exit from the country. Next make passport data, answer if this is your first passport.

           visa to the UK

          Next fill the field with their location (starting with apartment number, then the house, street), the city and the region in the next line, select a country from the drop-down list , index, specify how long you live there and the number of home and mobile phones.
          Then enter data about your father and mother, even if they are dead . Need the name , date and place of birth .

           visa to the UK

          Then specify the name , nationality and date of birth of the spouse .

          Do you have any dependent children ?

           visa to the UK

          Please select your employement status (working, retired, etc. )

          Check if you have worked on: the military forces, the government, judiciary, media, public administration, protection order (including the police).

          Check your monthly income from all sources. Are you receiving income from other sources , friends or family ? Do you have any savings, how much you spend on life, how much money is available for the trip, who pays for your trip, who pays for your accommodations and meals on the trip, what money you will be allocated for the trip (if it is someone cover), how do you personally spend on this trip.

          If have other income, tell about what and from whom.

          If there are savings, tell us about what and how much. Specify the amount in pounds or U.S. dollars.

          Have you ever come to the United Kingdom? Have you ever traveled to other countries over the last 10 years, you already had a visa to the UK, you ever been denied entry into the UK, when you nibudb deported from any country, have you ever applied for a residence permit in the UK over the past 10 years.

           visa to the UK

          If you have family in the UK then typical questions:

          Do you have any criminal record in any country, whether you are attracted to the liability for any action (but the case was not heard in court), whether you participated in military frauds committed crimes against humanity, whether you supported terrorist activities, whether you were in support of terrorism in any way, whether you are making profane actions you as a person?

           visa to the UK You can interrupt application at any point and save. Then go back to the site and :

           visa to the UK сontinue prefilled profiles by entering your username and password.

          Verify that filling out the questionnaire. If everything is correct, then click Submit — Confirm. Now select Russian visa center in which you submit your personally for a visa and go through the procedure of biometric data.

          Now select the date and time of the interview.

          payment via visa fee is 80 pounds or 129 U.S. dollars at the exchange rate ..Print confirmation statements on it a unique code. This confirmation along with other documents you bring with you to the interview .
          Good luck and enjoy London !


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