Russian lady: is it chemistry there?

Russian lady Believe it or not online chemistry is possible. Against all odds, the chance of falling in love over online communication exists. Or, maybe not love but something special to rise from conversations and talks.

What we are looking here, in online matchmaking is distinctive figure to satisfy our basic expectations. Then funneling begins… Just like employer looks for employees and find the most suitable, we are looking for partner according to our needs and wishes.

You should realize, once the potential bride is selected, the part of the job is done. Now you need to ask a lot of questions and listen to her answers.

Make a list of things you want to know her opinion about, ask about her background, family, job, interests, hobbies… Women do not like to write a lot, so if she speaks decent English ask her to skype or call her on the phone. You both should be emotionally prepared for such conversation and I bet you she does not want to leave the bad impression. The internet connection might not be the best and picture blurred but you hear her voice and see her reaction to you. Watch what she expresses and what she says. Ask for another online date in suitable for both time. If you are in USA and she is in Moscow the time difference is huge – about 10 hours. Her evening is your morning. This maybe weekends are best suitable bor you two. European locations are better time wise, the time difference is not a big deal and you both may even enjoy little conversation and wine. It is good idea to prepare a great surprise and have a romantic time with drinks or wine. Put a single rose on your side of the screen and prove you can provide romance in relationship. The rose is for her, of course… It will make you both relax and add to conversation and getting to know each other better.

Russians do not understand the word chemistry as English speakers do. For Russian chemistry is just a subject in school, for you it means the click you both expect from the first meeting. If you like her, ask for another skype session; if you are disappointed, tell her right away, do not lose your and her time.


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That is why it is important to see each other digitally. If chemistry is right, you feel it and so does she. If you propose another skype session and she lingers suspiciously, she might not have felt the vibe you did. Ask her f she is interested to continue or needs time to think. Regardless, you still may make your moves towards other Russian woman.

Statistics say, you may have up to one hundred connections before you select the one. So, do not give up and explore till you find your chemstry… your happiness is waiting for you.


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