London Walks in three days

 Best in London for three days Yes, the main attractions of London and its best can be visited in three days. This tourist plan was created by me and shows the best that London has to offer and what is a must to be seen.

So, the first day.
On this patch you can visit London Eye, London Aquarium (interesting especially for children), then Westminster Abbey. There is a must to be photographed near Big Ben and the Parliament. And do random photo in one of the many London red telephone booths.

First we go to the London Eye to see the whole city aerial view. If you come early, the long queue for the tickets can be avoided. If you have a voucher «2 tickets for the price of one», be sure to use them.

Time: 10 minutes to queue for tickets, 15 minutes to tget to the attraction, 30 minutes at London Eye. A minimum of about an hour.

London Aquarium is right next to the London Eye. The queue can be so long that you can only stand for about an hour for tickets alone. Even if you bought them on Internet, you still will have to stay in the line. The aquarium itself will take you about an 1 hour if slowly paced. Well, if you have kids it will take more time.

Time(average): 15-60 minutes — queue for tickets, 1:00 — Aquarium.

Now go to Westminster Abbey. We need to cross Thames bridge (do not forget to take a picture with Big Ben on the background). Queue should not be long, and in the Abbey you will spend 1 hour to 2.

Time: 10 minutes to buy tickets, 1-2 hours for a visit.

Parliament. You can bypass along the building, but inside is not accessible every day, see websites and ask when you can get into the inner sanctum.

After Westminster Abbey stroll to St. James’s Park, when you cross it, you’ll find Buckingham Palace. Observe the outside only as Buckingham palaca is open in summer only when Queen is in Windsor.

 Best in London for three days

Well, the first day is over — go to dinner and theater to see «The Lion King» — this is the best musical in London.

Second day to see the best in London

Devote this day to Tower of London. This beautiful medieval building, and it can take all 3-4 hours. Do not forget the voucher «2 tickets for the price of one».

Afterwards go to Tower Bridge — it is right next to the Tower of London. Bridge tour may take about 1 hour and if you just want to see the bridge, then it will take about 20 minutes. If you want to buy souvenirs, then you need to go on the bridge itself and the latest on the right go down the stairs to the street under the bridge and you will find the gift shop

Time: these two attractions — up to 5 hours .

If time allows to continue, then take the metro to Baker Street to see Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Time: Wax Museum Madame Tussaud’s — count on a couple of hours. Sherlock Holmes Museum — 30 minutes.

 Best in London for three days

Third Day: relax and enjoy. Sightseeing outside and buying souvenirs on Oxford Street. It remains for us to visit Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Oxford Street.

Start with Trafalgar Square and make a selfie near the lions guarding the monument monument to Admiral Nelson. There is a lot of people on the square and it is difficult to make a good photograph.

Walk to Piccadilly Circus . It is especially nothing to do, it is a small, round snout at the intersection of Piccadilly and Regent Street. There is a shop M & Ms.

Now go to the north of Oxford Street. It is long and it will take you a long time to walk on it and buy souvenirs. It all depends on your desire (from 1 hour to several ).

 Best in London for three days

If you walk along Oxford Street eastbound, then with every step you walk towards Hyde Park. Once you get to the subway station Marble Arch, then you are already on the corner of the park. Hyde park is very big, so you choose where you go: take a walk along the paths or along the pond. Do not forget to feed the squirrels — they inhabit the park feeling quite at home and even beg for food from walkers.

Well, now go to the hotel and sort out your purchases. Visit one of the Indian restaurants — Indian food in England is good!
Well, if you have time, pay a visit to London’s free museums and galleries.


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