London Tube stories

 London Underground I want to tell a good story about the work of the London Underground.

I was traveling with his daughter from Notting Hill to Sloan Squire. I jumped into the Circle Line train, thinking how lucky I was to catch it with open doors. I even sat on the seat and prepared for the trip, when the woman sitting next to me whispered, » We ‘re not going anywhere yet because of this girl». Looking back, I saw that on the opposite seats there was lying a sozzled lady. She was reclined in the seat, with bared belly, unsightly exposing folds of fat. Her face was smeared with vomit, dirty but new clothes. What was surprising she had a couple of bouquets of flowers and a plastoc bag from English supermarket Sainsbury. In her hand half-empty bottle of vodka was clamped. Time — 11 am. Obvously was partying all night…

Train did not anywhere, yet nobody dared to remove her from the train. The girl continued to spew vomit even in this state. Two Tube workers tried to pick her up, but no avail. None of the passengers thought to help removing her from the train. After some hesitation, workers moved away from the girl, and the announcement was made on the radio that all passengers must disembark. We got off the trsin.

I waited on the platform some time (no need to say that the line was blocked because no train could get through). Thinking that I can go the other way, I went upstairs to look at the tube map and decide whether to wait or choose another tube line. Changing lined did not make much snese because of long pass ways and much longer detour. Plus I had my three-year old daughter with me. I went upstairs onto the street, looked around, found the Cafe Nero and sat to enjoy a cup of coffee.

30 minutes later I went down the tube station again. Train resumed running. The same drunken girl was lying on the platform surrounded by paramedics with oxygen mask. Doctors checked the contents of her bag and phone for contacts. Female workers saw me on the tube platform, recognized amd began to ask me questions about the girl. I replied that I was willing to help, but I knew almost as much as they did amd that when I got on the train, she was already lying on the seat. Obviously, after she is recovered, the girl will have some problem with the police. I won’t be surprised if she ,is fined for such behavour, resulting in London tube work desruption.

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