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 Buy cheap flights online Recently talked with my cousin: she shared her impressions of her trip to Riga. Since this was the first trip abroad for her family, she went to the agency to apply for a visa and buy tickets. Of course they paid more then if booked all travel by themselves, but as Lisa did not know where to go and what to see, the family lost some cash, which could spend on the trip and buy souvenirs or walk through restaurants. And then it hit me! For me, nothing is easier then to buy a ticket anywhere, I get to the computer and spend 30 minutes and can choose cheap tickets with convenient connections. But then she does not know it!

Online purchasing service Flights Expedia.com, which I constantly use . The beauty of using that can all be done quickly , efficiently, inexpensively and with a guarantee . Service entitles you to choose between air companies , and gives the opportunity to compare flights prices , number of stops , and so on .

 Buy cheap flights online

So I go to the site, choose the option FLIGHT, in the window latinnitsey introduce a point of departure and point of arrival (mine is from Krasnodar to London), if a large city like Moscow , for example , it may give some embodiments airports. I choose all airports (all airports), to see what are the prices . It so happens that the airport, which is farther away , there are flights cheaper than eg Gatwick or Heathrow , because I leave the option » all airports ».

 Buy cheap flights online Click on SEARCH. The system shows a few dozen flights that I need to set the date . You can sort the results by length of flight arrival and departure times , but I like the option «price.» The cheaper the better , because we are looking for cheap air tickets online …

 Buy cheap flights online

choose the cheapest flight AUSTRIAN Airlines via Vienna to London, click SELECT. Please note that the airline sells two route costs 304 pounds, and 2 more on Route 329 pounds. The difference in the duration of the flight, docking options for the more expensive route takes less time (compared to 6 or 8 hours for a more expensive, and 19 and 25 hours for cheaper).

 Buy cheap flights online Opt for the cheapest flight AUSTRIAN Airlines via Vienna to London, click SELECT. On the next page you will find options return flights if you do not want to fly the same airline, you can choose the return flights by other airlines (if you press SELECT, the price will be listed).

 Buy cheap flights online But we adhere to the rule of cheap tickets, so press SELECT on Austrian airlines for the same price 304 pounds.

 Buy cheap flights online The results will appear on the next page. Our route from Krasnodar to London is shown with price 303.79 pounds. Below are the options if you want to add a hotel or rent a car. If you need a hotel or car, you can as well as choose their flight by pressing the ADD TO TRIP. But we still need neither one nor the other, so we get down to the bottom of the page and click BOOK NOW.

 Buy cheap flights online

Now we are on the registration page . Enter a name latinnitsey , country, phone number, what you prefer ( window or aisle ) , and number of the bonus program . I chose the Aeroflot Bonus and put my number, so points for ticket purchase will go to my account.

Click Continue booking.

 Buy cheap flights online You can add insurance to the ticket, which costs 12 pounds and covers in case of cancellations and flight delays, medical sotuation, etc. I do not usually add this insurance to ticket. In case of flight delay airline has to take care of passengers anyway. Flight tickets onlineIf you constantly use this site , I recommend you sign up for this service, cheap tickets online , you will be sent notice of the sale of tickets and various goodness .

 Buy cheap flights online

Now enter payment card data , and then make sure that everything is correct in your air ticket booking , the passenger’s name correctly entered. Another very important point : the cheapest tickets usually can not be canceled (non refundable), and indicated in booking your ticket .

 Buy cheap flights online If everything is correct, then click COMPLETE BOOKING, and will receive a confirmation email. Print and take with you to the airport. Not to show upon the check-in agent (they have all the data in the PC) but for you to know the details of your flight (time, number, terminal, etc.). The ticket is called electronic and very comfortable. You can not lose it, he will always be in your mailbox, and even if you delete it, you still get on the plane. Conveniently!?

I hope now it will be easy to buy tickets online and travel easily. Simplify your life to the max !

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