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Can Russian girls make good wives?

Can Russian girls make good wives?

Good question…

I am not gonna ask spouses of Russian women to build an opinion, but rather make my own.

I am personally acquainted with several couples (at least 15 from the top of my head) in mixed Russian +  marriage.  Out of this number only one couple divorces after 6 years of marriage. The divorce has been initiated by America husband, not Russian wife. The reason for divorce: they did not live together because both worked in different geographical locations, so the family as we understand it did not exist. The separation was obviously painful for both parties. They settled down now and

The rest of my acquaintances is happily married with kids. The Russian wives are basically housewives, taking care of kids and households. I never heard any of spouses complaining about their wives….

With growing internet influence we find ourselves in digital environment more and more often. That is great that we can communicate now easily with just a computer or tablet. Not that long ago, Internet was a rare catch in Russia and few people knew what website meant. Nowadays even my 64 year old mom dwells in social networks browsing photos and listening to music.

Growing internet literacy helps Russian girls to learn from other experience and try to find love, friend, partner in life. They are serious about settling down, having family and kids which reflects the need and desires of western men.

Sign up for essential tips for online dating from the experience of those who seek soulmate in internet! May come pretty handy!

I know it is sometime scary to go online and start searching but I believe this is the safest way to meet someone without initial commitment. One may correspond with several girls in the same time, which is impossible in offline dating. Eventually, when you make your choice you will be ready to go forward and develop the relationship but before that there will be a job to do. Browse, select, write, read, translate (fortunately I have Google translator installed on my website so members won’t suffer from this inconvenience), read and write again and so on – for several days, weeks or even months.. The outcome solely depends on you – your persistence, determination, passion and desire to be happy. It may be that you go through a hundred of girls before you find the one.


Important tip. For the beginning, just set up your objectives: age, appearance, status  of your potential partner. Stick to those features when searching. It will help you to save time, money and emotions if you have a goal in hand. We all are sometimes carried away with something we do not need but available this instant and lose the grip. So, like in business, be determined and focused.

What is most helpful for you, I will be within reach of email if you need my assistance or advice. I believe that joined efforts of all parties will make the happy outcome – two soul mates union…


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