Best London restaurant

 Best London restaurantIn London, as in Moscow, many restaurants, and all you can eat for every taste and budget, from cheap to 5 star level.

Yesterday, for example, advised by my Russian friend, I visited the best russian restaurant in London Mari Vanna at: 116 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PJ. Say I got a kick, was not enough. Stepping on the threshold of this restaurant, I felt the whole atmosphere of the communal apartment of 60-70s. Tightness in the hallway and bikes hanging on the ceiling. I do not know how foreigners or rather Londoners react to such a climate, but I felt cosiness of a communal apartment from the movie «Pokrovsky Gates». Complete delight !

Old framed photos on the walls here and there, peeped out newspapers on the wall, antique lampshades, shabby antique chairs and even plates and used crockery with frayed edges. On the wall there is a phone with a pen tied with a long string and the entire wall is covered by inscribed messages.

Friendly staff knows no bounds. My daughter was surrounded by such care and poured with candy that she was ecstatic. We were seated Jessica immediately noticed and demanded.
First we brought am assortment of various sliced bread, radish and melted butter. We ate everything. Ordered herring under a fur coat, soup borscht, pelmeni and dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms. My daughter ordered fluffy chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes, which she just inhaled.

I must say that all the food is simple, Russian, cooked at home as stated on the sign.

I was struck with toilets. With so much love this utility rooms are decorated with collected items of Soviet life as basins, plates and Respect the work of cleaners ! posters. The toilet broadcast Russian tales that I used to listen on vinyl as a child.

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