Russian girls search: You do not have to pay for everything

Russian girls search: You do not have to pay for everything

What I have recently learnt from one of the leading dating websites. Shocking discovery and disadvantage to western soul mate seeker.
 Just browsing through some pages, looking at western faces I encounter… the husband of my Ukrainian friend living in UK. I am shocked. 
Double booking? Is he still looking for eastern adventure? Eager to cheat of his young wife?

I keep my mouth shut… I do not want to disturb the family so called peace, I bear the awful secret deep inside with my best intentions.

But then the right moment arises. In the conversation of family, husbands and relationship the ugly truth slips of my tongue.

She does not seem shocked. She knows… Why is her husband still there on the pages of this online dating search?

The reason was financial… to remove your profile from network database you have to pay. It seems ridiculous and misleading. This person is no longer interested in looking for someone special but still in search results and even on the advertisement page.

Some agencies use this method to increase the number of members this way. They cannot be responsible for this person being out of reach and nonreactive to messages.
But numbers are impressive.

russian girls Sign up for essential tips for online dating from the experience of those who seek soulmate in internet! May come pretty handy!

Here you can delete your account any time and absolutely free. No strings attached, just make sure you string your lady before signing off. Good luck out there! A wink!

Russian women and dating

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