Russian girls: Online dating technique

Russian girlsIt is not that easy as on Facebook because it is not casual poking of friends or liking some comments. It is your online face, representing yourself as you are in real life.

First of all, make sure you put as much information in your profile as you can, or consider reasonable. The better you describe yourself, the more chances you are contacted by interested party. For example, if you like dogs and have one, please do not hesitate to put it in your profile as dog female lover definitely would prefer you to another, assuming you carry the rest of the desired features.

Prepare the first introductory letter, which will be sent initially to chosen Russian girls. Do not be afraid and be funny, friendly and easy going. It is ok to copy and paste, because it is your basic history, that girls should know before she decides to write you back or not.

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Once the reply received, you start working on what to say back, answer her question and ask yours. That is how the conversation will set between you two. You may write the big letters and answer her question in bullet form, or do that separately. Zazaru website has a convenient Google translator (link is on the top of every page) which is easy to use. It may not be the best Russian – English translator and not creative and vivid as the human one, but it will give you the finest idea of what Russian girl says.

As I said before, if you have a right feeling about the girl, ask her to skype or give her a call. Everybody has a phone or mobile in Russia, so it is not difficult to arrange.

All certain stages of online match search, getting to know each other, then building the “digital” relationship are essential in this market. One can’t omit one stage in order to jump right to arranging a meeting, for example. The girl is not ready and you are not ready.

You can easily organize your trip to Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine, you just need to have a proper visa and of course funds to make the journey and meet your Slavic princess. Or you can invite her over to see you in your home country, which is suitable as well, as allows the Russian girl to see you in your homey environment, your parents and friends.

Do not believe anybody that her trip to USA is impossible to arrange. The visa routine is not complicated to complete successfully for both parties. Just takes some time and efforts.

Once you meet in real life (you meet her in the airport in your home town, or she is excitedly waiting for you in airport in Russia), your online experience steadily transfers into real dating. Do not forget what she said to you in her emails, and impress her — you care!

Whether you stay in the hotel or in her place is really up to you. If she has room in her apartment or house and you are not afraid of your jump start communication with her parents, who are probably living with her (or she lives with them), you may stay with her. It gives you a real chance to see her domestic side, assess her housewife traits and skills and see  her in the morning without make up.

If you are not comfortable with this solution, hotel or rented apartment is another option. I would prefer the hotel because it will provide you the needed security. I do not want to scare you but unless you book the apartment on, there is a little risk of you getting in complicated situation. We will talk about scammers later but you must understand that foreign guy in the third world county without Russian language skills and basic security protection is at somewhat risk.


Before you go to Russia, please take time to get to know her home town. Likely you find something interesting that attracts her attention and raise you score  — YOU CARE! Ask her to take you to the museum or historical site and impress her, telling a little story you read on internet.
Maybe you find highly recommended authentic restaurant where you may enjoy the classis Russian dinner with your Russian girl, or cuisine of your and her choice.

PS. Once meet on whoever territory, I would recommend to check each other passports. It will be the gesture of trust and in the same time prove your ID. If you did not yet show them to each other whilst skyped.

Idea of exchange of passport scans is not bad either, but what if your date is a scammer? Once you send her your passport scan, she has your details and can use it at your own choice.


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