How to get men interested: Girls point of view

How to get men interestedThis material was written by a girl — valuable giuideline to mans’ heart.

I tought it would be helpful for men to know how they might get hoooked and be ready. But interesting conversation won’t hurt anyone.

 It so happens that you really like the man. But what if you do not look that pretty you’re your figure failed – not your best feature. If so, you have a chance to win a man with your intelligence and attention.

Start with a question. And the question must be to draw his attention to you right away. What an interesting question you can and should ask a man?

The question should not be embarrassing, provocative or hurtful to feelings or personal rights, and of course should be at place. For example, if he likes belly dancing? Would he be able to slaughter a sheep?

Whether he took service in the army? Is he a fan of beauty or talent of Marilyn Monroe? Did he ever wear a beard or moustache? Does he repair all sorts of stuff at home, such as wiring? Had he ever visited striptease bar? Can he now do fifty push-ups? Does he watch movies for adults and how often? Did he ever do deep sea fishing? Or went hunting? And there are humorous questions that are perfectly suited to defuse the situation, in order to make the situation of communication easy and relaxed, have fun , and thereby to attract his attention.For example, prepare him a lot interesting questions with answers:

  • what kind of device that will see the distant celestial bodies ? (that’s right, a telescope)
  • what kind of device that helps see enough small objects , and objects ? (that’s right , the microscope)
  • what kind of device that helps to see what is on the surface, when you yourself are under water? (correctly, periscope)
  • what kind of device that helps you to see through walls? (do not know? You can not — it’s a box !)
  • How to bring a man to yourself when you are in bed? — Collect from him the TV remote control.
  • What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? — If the patient comes and complains of insomnia, the psychologist advises him to count sheep, and the psychiatrist will prescribe sleeping pills.
  • What is the difference between a hippie and a cow? — Only one — the way of use of herbs.
  • When two hearts joined together, what is it? — The bustle in the surgery room.And there are several different series of questions, which is slightly more intelligent, but also quite interesting and should attract the attention of your chosen one.
  • If I wish to buy the new boomerang, how do I get rid of the old one?
  • Will the spacecraft to operate lights, if overclock it so that he raced at light speed?
  • Why is it when a woman has lost a man, she does not put his picture on a beer bottle?
  • If the European mother feeds her young child with a small spoon, what then Chinese mom feeds his child with? Toothpicks?
  • If you decide to have cosmetic surgery and the doctor came to the appointment with reproduction of Picasso, would you dare to undergo the surgery?
  • Interestingly, the purposes for which doctors sterilized needles for lethal injections?
  • If it’s zero temperatures today and tomorrow it is going to be double the cooler, what temperature should I expect?
  • How can you make any man crazy? — Put in front of him naked beauty and a case of beer, between which he has to make the choice.
  • What is normal for the oligarch apartment? — When in a corner of the apartment is a stealth tank, which is hidden hippopotamus.
  • What is primitive small, white at night creeps on TV screen? — A fly, why white? Because it is wearing the night gown.
  • Why do lawyers always warm hands? — Because they always keep them in other people’s pockets.
  • Who can be called a successful man? — Anyone who earns more quickly than his woman spends.
  • What is different about a fisherman in winter from the fisherman in the summer? Oh, nothing, the same drinker, only in boots.And you can ask other questions that can really disturb people’s minds.For example, why any new plans for people just starting to build from Monday? (for example, start the new diet on a Monday ).Why, in the light of modern technologies asphalt always do only black? After all, you can add to it some dye, and then the road will be more fun.Ask your companion, as in his opinion, whether we understand animals? After all, they (especially cats and dogs) so knowingly look at us when we talk to them! And if they understand us then the same people are so stupid that they can not understand animals?Or why healthy food is not as tasty as bad one? Of course, there’s probably a principle — the forbidden fruit is always sweet. But just curious to see how the other person will get out.Why ostrich, when he wants to hide, pokes his head in the sand? After all, they run so fast and have such strong legs that much easier it would be to run away?Does a plant feel the pain?Actually, that’s all. Just do not get involved in these issues, otherwise you run the risk of becoming a clown. In addition, too many jokes talks about bad taste. Need to leave a little mystery.

So he is drawn to meet you again.

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